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Quotes from Satisfied Clients

“I bless you every day. The Director of Development you found for us is wonderful. I am so appreciative of your assessing our needs so well and steering us to make the right choice. Just her presence here is making an enormous difference. She’s organized, prioritizes well and is learning about us quickly. And she’s fun, to boot. So thank you!”
Executive Director, Advocacy Client

“I must compliment you on the beautiful job you did with the corporate fundraising package…it is well done and should elicit support from many companies. The piece is quite handsome and, in my opinion, a very effective way to communicate your objectives to companies all over the country.”
Corporate Donor to an Environmental Client

“Thank you for yet another task undertaken, completed and presented with precision, focus, acute analysis and achievable recommendations…There really is a ‘science’ to marketing, and one cannot successfully perform the ‘art’ of marketing without the key data you have so thoroughly presented.”
Director of Marketing, Cultural Client

“We wanted to phone you first, before the release of our press release announcing a one million dollar gift from a lead donor as the kick off to our endowment campaign. This gift is a direct result of our work with you, and we wanted to thank you again for setting us on the path toward gifts of this magnitude.”
General Manager and Development Director, Public Broadcasting Client

“What a difference two days makes! I will never look at our gallery walls, our publications or any magazine including our own in the same way again. What a neat pair of eyes you have…thank you for helping us see things so differently.”
Executive Director, Cultural Client

“I heard nothing but rave reviews from the fundraisers with whom you worked, who found your counsel to be very helpful. I was impressed with the perceptive comments you shared with us at the close. I very much enjoyed planning these sessions with you and felt that you listened to my ideas and incorporated these into the final proposal. This training really met our specific needs. Thank you!”
National Fundraising Director, Advocacy Client

“For us, you have been constructive, creative and receptive plus you have provided invaluable benefit as a source of inspiration. Moreover, your role as an objective sounding board for our ideas and proposals has helped us craft ever more refined and fruitful fundraising. Simply put, we could not have achieved our current level of success—award-winning, record-setting success—without your advice and counsel.”
General Manager, Public Broadcasting Client

“I attribute more than $1.5 million in new gifts over the past 4 months directly to your ‘Endow’ package for us. It bridges splendidly our work in Annual Giving, underwriting and Planned Giving, just as prospects need to understand them. It’s a ‘talking’ piece: people are immediately intrigued by it and want to talk about the programs. It really breaks the ice and makes our job easier. Many, many thanks.”
National Director of Major and Planned Gifts, Advocacy Client

“In the past couple of weeks, I completed the cultivation and solicitation process with two donors: one made a gift of $30,000 and the other a gift of $100,000. I have thought about and used often the training and advice you provided. Thank you—the work you do has a lasting impact that can probably never be adequately measured.”
General Manager, Public Broadcasting Client

“Your analysis of our situation and your advice on how to proceed were extremely helpful. You gave us the objective perspective we needed and couldn’t grasp while we were so busy in the trenches. And you gave us the encouragement to set our sights somewhat higher. Thank you.”
Director of Development, Education Client

“Your personable but no nonsense presentation got quickly to the heart of the matter, and your ability to ‘size-up’ an organization's strengths and weaknesses was impressive. …Your individual ‘counseling’ sessions with our team proved to be a valuable experience for both new and seasoned staff. We got our money's worth.”
Major Gifts Fundraiser, Advocacy Client

“Thanks once again for your talk last week. I wasn’t sure what to expect and was so pleasantly surprised by the thoroughness, the insights and the passion of your presentation. Your commitment to helping us be better marketers certainly shined brightly.”
Marketing Director, Cultural Service Organization

“You have been indispensable in helping us launch a successful major donor program.  You’ve helped our team evaluate our readiness, set ambitious but realistic goals, and then worked with us to implement the program each step of the way. Your expertise and thoroughness are great assets.  You really took the time to understand our business and our relationship with donors, and crafted a strategy that worked best for us. We have seen a significant increase in both the number of our higher-level donors and their amount of giving after just one year as a client - and that's despite a difficult economy.”
General Manager, Public Broadcasting Client

“Working with you has been a delight.  I've felt that your explanations have been clear and your presence friendly and encouraging. However, getting the staff to work on long range planning has been like trying to get cats to walk single file.”
Administrator, Cultural Client

“I thought you’d like to see the attached draft of our Department’s page in the Museum’s Annual Report, where we cite our project with you as an item of particular interest this year. I’ll be sending you copies of the final published Annual Report, and we’ll be talking with you soon about our additional campaign needs.”
Marketing Director, Cultural Client

“I thought you’d like to know about the National Endowment’s interest in the research you performed for us, in preparation for our national campaign. Attached is a copy of my letter, providing a copy of your report for their review. Another advocacy organization is also using the findings in developing a similar campaign. Thanks again!”
Development Director, Cultural Client

“You worked with me around 10 years ago now—I hope you remember. I just saw your name on a website and thought I’d send you a quick note. I’m now a Director of Development here at the University for one of the schools, and I just wanted to thank you for a great learning experience. That time spent with you so long ago really set me on the right track. Thank you.”
Junior Staff Member, Cultural Client

“I want to express my appreciation for your excellent report. Despite my tardiness in sending thanks, I am feeling most grateful for your perspicacity, balance, collegiality, experienced hand and wisdom.”
Director of Development, Cultural Client

“When we have meetings on our own, we seem to get stuck on the day to day. When we have meetings that you facilitate, you set us on a broader discussion and somehow keep us focused on the bigger picture. We don’t get stuck, and we get far more accomplished.”
Administrator, Cultural Client  

“I don’t know what you did to my staff yesterday in your training session, but I have never seen three people come back to their desks so enthusiastic and bursting with ideas. I wanted to take a moment to call you and tell you the enormous impact on our department that your training has had today. Thank you.”
Senior Development Director, Cultural Client

“We were lucky enough to work with you first through a funder-sponsored initiative. It went so well, and you were so terrific, we brought you back to consult with us regarding a capital campaign.  Again, you demonstrated superior fundraising knowledge and, most importantly, imparted it with wisdom and a sense of humor that made the experience both successful and highly enjoyable.”
Director of Development, Public Broadcasting Client


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